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Motivational Enhancement Therapy Program Atlanta, GA

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man in blue shirt talks with therapist in motivational enhancement therapyIt is common for patients to enter addiction therapy programs without the internal motivation to recover, despite understanding why they are there. Motivation is a crucial aspect of recovery and an important sign of change. Many people are resistant to addiction therapy because their views are based on traditional therapy programs that focus on complete abstinence at the beginning of therapy.

Motivational enhancement therapy does not emphasize complete abstinence from a substance at the beginning of treatment. The motivation for this must come from the patient rather than the provider. At Samba Recovery, we instead emphasize the importance of being ready to change before proposing sobriety as a clear option.

For those struggling with addiction who understand that their substance abuse is detrimental to their well-being but do not know how to find the motivation to change, Motivational enhancement therapy may be the solution you are looking for. Reach out to Samba Recovery today at 888.505.8279 to learn more about our counseling programs in Atlanta, Georgia.

Understanding Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a patient-focused behavioral intervention and counseling approach to evoke internal motivation in patients struggling with addiction. Traditional addiction therapy programs often assume that patients entering treatment have the internal motivation to recover, yet many patients lack this motivation and therefore do not succeed.

MET is used prior to entering other forms of addiction therapy and is thus designed to quickly evoke internally motivated change. It is centered around teaching patients how to change their thoughts and behaviors towards substance abuse and their life goals. MET works by assessing the patient’s current state, allowing patients to set their own goals, and providing positive reinforcement to evoke internal motivation, elicit change, and maintain sobriety.

People struggling with addiction are often aware of the negative consequences of their illness yet lack the tools to identify goals and motivation to recover. For these people, MET is a crucial step in their journey to recovery. At Samba Recovery, we combine MET with our wide range of addiction therapies. Our personalized structures of addiction therapies provide our patients with effective addiction treatment and tools to achieve long-term sobriety.

Goals of Motivational Enhancement Therapy For Addiction

At Samba Recovery, our motivational enhancement therapy program for addiction encourages patients to choose their own recovery goals. Many addiction therapy programs give a diagnosis to patients and focus on the expectation of completely stopping substance use immediately. We are committed to providing respect and autonomy for all of our patients. Our goal is to help our patients overcome their resistance to change and increase motivation by raising awareness of the issue. Used as a pre-treatment, MET aims to increase motivation to begin more specific addiction therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

MET utilizes five strategies designed to meet the patient wherever they are in the recovery process. The five strategies are:

  • Develop and express empathy – Patients are coached on how to develop empathy through understanding how their actions impact others
  • Recognize the difference between thoughts and reality – Patients are assisted in recognizing that thoughts are not always reality and their resistance to change is a result of this view
  • Avoid arguments – Therapists do not argue with patients about their stage of addiction but encourage patients to have a positive outlook on recovery
  • Accept resistance – Therapists encourage patients to realize the impact of their behavior on others and understand that resistance is a part of the process
  • Support self-efficacy – Patients are encouraged to believe in their own ability to achieve their goals by the therapist eliciting positive thoughts and behaviors to reinforce independence

These five strategies of MET combined provide patients with a different perspective on the impact of their behaviors on others, identify goals and values, and develop self-confidence in their ability to recover. Acknowledging the impact on others, the disparity between thoughts and reality, and supporting self-efficacy can help evoke feelings of self-motivation to change. These changes in mindset and behaviors will set up patients for success as they move to various forms of addiction therapy that we provide at Samba Recovery.

Learn More About MET at Samba Recovery in Atlanta, GA

Motivation is a significant predictor for long-term addiction recovery. At Samba Recovery, we understand that many patients entering addiction therapy lack the motivation to change and need assistance in this process.

Our addiction team is committed to providing a caring, motivational environment to set up all of our patients for success. MET can be beneficial for patients in various stages of recovery. Whether you are seeking addiction treatment for the first time or have gone through addiction treatment previously, our motivational enhancement therapy program in Atlanta, GA, can help you find a healthy, happy life free of substance use.

If you are searching for the motivation to recover from addiction, reach out to our addiction team at Samba Recovery today at 888.505.8279 or connect with us online.