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Never Miss an Opportunity

Find freedom with our Atlanta treatment programs today and work with our mental health therapists to gain the tools you need for a better life.

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Samba is In-Network with Tricare & Cigna

Samba accepts TRICARE & Cigna

Samba Recovery in Norcross-Gwinnett is pleased to announce that we are now an in-network provider with both TRICARE & Cigna health insurance. This strengthens our committment to help as many with substance use disorder in Atlanta.

We are a small, growing treatment program that alllows us to not be “Me-Too” like large addiction  recovery centers in Atlanta. At Samba, we DO NOT believe in lost causes! You will know us all on a first name basis and have a voice in your addiction care. At the same time, we’ll lift your spirit, tap into your potential for a journey of no-limit goals. Never miss an opportunity—for growth, for healing, for hope. We offer nurturing, evidence-based addiction treatment services that are designed to help you or your loved one build a foundation for a lifetime of recovery.

Some of the things that set us apart from other addiction treatment centers include:

  • Boutique-style treatment center –  Remaining small allows us the flexibility to make program changes on-a-dime.
  • Collaborative individualized care – We’ll work with to develop a plan of care to address your pain points to help you meet your recovery goals.
  • Evidence-based care – We only use tried-and-true therapies and never afraid to get out-of-the-box with cutting-edge techniques.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced treatment team – Our compassionate is dedicated to helping you find recovery success.

We provide PHP, IOP, and outpatient addiction programs for our Gwinnett community and surrounding Atlanta Metro area. We have a special environment of clinicins and peers who will help you to create an individualized treatment plan for your specific goals. Through consistent support, effective therapies, and a tight community, we don’t believe that one size fits all and we are not afraid to pivot to help you weave your way in early recovery. We are a small addiction treatment program in Gwinnett County and plan to stay that way!