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Atlanta Addiction Treatment Center


Nestled in Peachtree Corners, Samba Recovery offers intensive Atlanta addiction treatment for adult men and women in western Gwinnett County. Just 30-minutes north of Atlanta, our local Atlanta rehab center is focused on behavioral change with evidenced-based therapies in partial hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and outpatient (OP) settings. Our boutique-style of care allows us to nurture our patients to inspire recovery, wellness, and personal growth.

With an experienced team of substance use disorder professionals, our Atlanta rehab center is here to help you to seamlessly integrate back into daily life without the need for drugs or alcohol. In fact, we’ll collaborate with you on a personalized treatment plan that teaches you the tools that are essential to build and sustain a recovery path so you’ll never miss an opportunity!

Atlanta Addiction Treatment Center

Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Atlanta

Samba Recovery is an outpatient rehab in the Northern Atlanta town of Peachtree Corners. Our substance use treatment programs are here to guide you in early recovery.  Avoiding a programmatic approach, Samba delivers intense therapies in our Gwinnett treatment facility. At the same time, our drug and alcohol treatment focuses on what people can do, instead of what they can’t do. Moreover, our clinicians strive to show patients how to care for themselves, protect their sobriety, and reach their life goals.

Personalized Integrated Behavioral Therapy 

If you have tried to stop or slow-down using drugs or alcohol before, you know how difficult it can be. For most people, withdrawals and cravings make it impossible to stop. At our Atlanta addiction treatment program, we can help you through the physical discomfort. However, without changing the negative behavior patterns, most people will relapse. For this reason, we use a whole person approach that integrates all evidence-based therapies & modalities to help you achieve long-term recovery.

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Addiction Treatment Programs for Atlanta

Everyone’s substance use disorder (SUD) is unique. Whether it’s prescription medications, street drugs, or alcohol, one thing is certain for all – ISOLATION! However, our Atlanta addiction treatment center will help you to overcome substance use and find a joyful life in the team sport of RECOVERY.

Atlanta Drug Rehab
Anyone using opioids like Fentanyl or benzos like Xanax will quickly find the distance between dependency and addiction is inches! Breaking the chains of drug addiction requires detox and immersive therapy. Our local Peachtree Corners rehab will provide the resources and we'll turn the page together with continued behavioral therapy in our PHP and IOP prgrams.
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Atlanta Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol is "hands-down" the deadliest substance in history. In fact, 2,200 plus Georgians died from alcohol in 2020. Our Atlanta alcohol rehab program will help you stop , and stay stopped ONE-DAY-AT-A-TIME with integrated individual therapy and 12-Step support.
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Samba Recovery

Never Miss an Opportunity

Substance abuse doesn’t have to be a life sentence! Sustainable recovery is possible and the best version of youself awaits at our Norcross addiction recovery center. We’ll help you learn that the opposite of addiction is connection. We’ll give you skills to discover your self-worth and show you the tools for a life of hope and promise. 

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