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admissions to Atlanta addiction treatment

Admissions to Atlanta Addiction Treatment

When you reach out to our Gwinnett rehab, our compassionate admissions team will describe the entire admissions-treatment process. We’ll also listen closely to understand your situation. Moreover, we truly appreciate the weight of addiction has on you and your family.  We’ll do our best to simplify the process and quickly verify your health insurance coverage. Once you place the first call, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you get help in our Norcross substance use programs. Call us today at 888-505-8279 or email us at

Samba Recovery Admissions Process


The first step to addiction treatment admission is to determine a clinical fit with your substance treatment needs. During the assessment, we’ll go over your substance use history and related co-occurring disorders

Insurance Authorization

We work with most major health insurance companies on an in-network and out-of-network basis. We can typically complete this within one-hour with pertinent policy information.


Admission to our Atlanta rehab will begin on a scheduled time and day. You’ll be given an orientation and meet with your primary therapist who will create your individualized care plan. 

Cigna insurance for Samba Recovery

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Substance use disorder is treatable and people overcome it everyday. Lasting recovery begins when you ask for help. We’ll help you understand that the opposite of addiction is connection. Our rehab team will provide you with the skills to discover your self-worth and treat an underlying co-occurring mental health disorders. 

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