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Alumni Program

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Samba Recovery Alumni Program

The Samba Recovery alumni program is a significant element of our Atlanta addiction recovery program. When our patients complete one of our levels of care and discharge, they are still family! At the same time, recovery is a journey and being a Samba alum is just the beginning! From the time patients admit, we create a treatment plan that includes continuing care and alumni support right from the start.

The people you meet at rehab will become friends and your cheering section, which is why we offer monthly alumni events throughout the year and encourage families to participate. Samba alumni events are celebrative gatherings of milestone achievement (and some food & fun). Even after completing a full-continuum of care, the alumni group keeps patients connected and supports inspiration in team sport of recovery.


Samba Alumni Program Features

When patients complete our Atlanta treatment program and participate in the alumni program, they stay connected. The Samba alumni program is designed to keep everyone connected so you can continue to support each other long after rehab completes.

The same peer group who supported you in treatment are still there for you in our alumni program.

  • Monthly celebrations with guest speakers and anniversary swag.
  • Zoom meetings
  • Camaraderie with your biggest supporters.
  • Samba Recovery Alumni Facebook Group Page (private).
  • Family inclusive

Samba Recovery App

This App is for Samba Alum who want to take their recovery to the next level including a gamified experience. This app is fully loaded and will give you tools and support as you accomplish milestones in your recovery journey. Earn badges and points as you compete with your friends as you put action into your recovery! The App includes gamification features that encourages engagement and allows you to make recovery challenging, yet fun. The App is FREE and available in iOS and Google Play for Download.


Samba Recovery Alumni App

Our alumni team will also help you locate and connect with local 12-step programs and other important community resources you can turn to for sustaining your recovery. Another plus of the alumni program is that it often inspires those in early recovery who see success in their peers. When you discharge, you will not be the same person, and neither will the rest of your rehab “class”. At the same time, you’ll have the continued support and care you need as you progress in your recovery.